Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Only Rapidshare Realtime Crawler-Search Engine

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Crawl Rapid Share as the name itself suggests is one of the rapidshare search engine. But wondering what’s special in it. Yes this search engine indexes files that are valid. So that you don't have to worry about not seeing a frustrating file not valid message. Other Search bots index the file only through Google database. But this crawls through the files in realtime so that you could even download a file uploaded just a second ago.

The specialties of this search engine are:

1.It searches only for valid files.

2.It can be very useful when downloading a multi parted file (an OS for example) as it provides the results in exact order.As a result you can join the file parts into the full file with ease.

3.Unlike Some other search engines it doesn’t index a non valid file (obsolete file that are deleted from Rapidshare’s Server).

In Their own words:

" is the first RapidShare realtime crawler , we don’t use any obsolete databases like other search engines , we crawl the web in realtime per search query with our particular technology so we always give you fresh results , also we have the ability to check the validity of links in realtime or by RapidShare tools.Try us and you will never use any other rapidshare search engine."


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What do you think of this Rapidshare search engine?

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