Thursday, July 22, 2010

Have A Software That Bypasses any file host Upload it!

Upload Your Favorite Files
Dear Netizens! We search the entire net to give you quality content and working tips only. But we might have missed one or two softwares or tips that we haven’t told about.Then you can upload it in this section .Add a description about you and he software we will test it and let the world know and reap the benefits. We will definitely acknowledge you for it.

Get All Premium Privileges of Rapidshare

Do you download from Rapidshare often (I know that you do).I have
recently discovered a software that gives you all the premium privileges while downloading from Rapidshare. It’s called Download Direct. You just add the URL of your file and download Direct will take care of the rest.

Instant Download (No waiting time at all.)
• No Download limit-Download as many as files you want to.

• No Download speed limit-This software can download at unbelievable speed-max out of your network connection.

• Resume Downloads -Start and pause downloads as many times as your wish.

• Multiple downloads –Download many files at the same time

• Supports Rapidshare and torrent downloads.

• Very simple and innovative interface and

• Finally you don’t have to buy a premium account from rapidshare by spending bucks from your pocket or wasting time taking any surveys.


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Download From Rapidshare In God Mode

Hello Netizens! Rapidshare God is not just an ordinary premium link Generator. Unlike other Premium Link Generator RapidshareGod allows you to download directly from rapidshare (Whereas other premium link generators download to their account and then to your account.Its just a waste of time).Just signing up will give you a bandwidth of 101 Mb. You could Get More bandwidth(upto 300MB for a survey) Its pretty easy to use.Try it and share your thoughts here.

                         --> RAPIDSHARE GOD <--

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fastest Way To Own Rapidshare Premium Account For Free

rapidshare free gif
Hello buddies, We have discovered a fastest way to earn RapidShare Premium Account. You can earn it within 2 to 10 days (that depends on the time you spare) and it’s all free.Just follow these simple steps and you will be all set to have a Rapidshare premium account without spending a single penny.

1. Just click on the link given below the steps.

2. This will take you to the Registration Page.

3. Choose your RapidShare or MegaShare account. Just enter your email and your preferred Password and Join.

4. You can earn it by completing some extremely simple offers and you can also help your friends by referring them too.

free premium account
free premium account       GET A FREE ACCOUNT BY CLICKING HERE

The Only Rapidshare Realtime Crawler-Search Engine

crawl rapid hack logo
Crawl Rapid Share as the name itself suggests is one of the rapidshare search engine. But wondering what’s special in it. Yes this search engine indexes files that are valid. So that you don't have to worry about not seeing a frustrating file not valid message. Other Search bots index the file only through Google database. But this crawls through the files in realtime so that you could even download a file uploaded just a second ago.

The specialties of this search engine are:

1.It searches only for valid files.

2.It can be very useful when downloading a multi parted file (an OS for example) as it provides the results in exact order.As a result you can join the file parts into the full file with ease.

3.Unlike Some other search engines it doesn’t index a non valid file (obsolete file that are deleted from Rapidshare’s Server).

In Their own words:

" is the first RapidShare realtime crawler , we don’t use any obsolete databases like other search engines , we crawl the web in realtime per search query with our particular technology so we always give you fresh results , also we have the ability to check the validity of links in realtime or by RapidShare tools.Try us and you will never use any other rapidshare search engine."


crawlrapidshare screen shot

What do you think of this Rapidshare search engine?

Bypass Rapidshare Wait Time Trick

Rapidshare hack graphic
As many of you may know Rapidshare is one of the best and popular file hosting service on the web. But without a Premium Account you are forced to wait for a specific time (which depends on the file size) before the actual download link appears. This Simple Trick will reset the downloading wait time to zero so that you don't have to waste your precious time and download the file instantly. Follow the Steps given below to bypass Rapidshare time trick.

1.Go to the URL of the file that you want to download.

2.Click on the free user button.Your waiting time will start.

rapidshare free url

3.Remove the URL [(ctrl+A) + Del] and copy the following code into the address bar.

4.Hit Enter.You will see the following message.Click OK.This Will reset the TIMER.

rapidshare popup

5.The Download link will appear immediately.Click download.

Download Your File happily.Did this trick work?



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